Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Alphabetti theatre Season Launch

Alphabetti Theatre presents Season Launch / How To Take Over The World Party
This intreging event was to promote alphabetti’s new season launch with the so called fearless leader, Rex (alphabetti’s resident canine) and his human translator/ Alphabetti Artistic Director Ali Pritchard took to the stage, encouraging the casual and intimate “crowd”, whilst Rex snuffled about among the audience looking for treats on the floor, occasionally stopping to let his adoring followers pat him. Meanwhile, Ali enthused with the listeners with the plans for how Alphabetti are going to take over the world, Or something! So here’s a detailed list of What’s coming up at Alphabetti Theatre from today until April-ish :
Part one - What’s occurring @ Alphabetti Theatre in February :
Kicking off with
Write Faster :
When : Saturday February 3rd @ 7.30pm
What : A play written in front of your very eyes and performed at the end. What could possibly go wrong?
How much : Pay what you like, hopefully it will be great and you will shell out a shed load of cash!

We have something to say twisting ducks & Gateshead people :
When : Tuesday 6th February @ 7.30pm
What : An evening of poetry and spoken word from people who experience disabilities or autism
How Much : Pay what you like!

Alphabetti Jam :
When : Wednesday 7th February @ 7.30pm
What : Alphabetti’s open mic night of sorts, get up do something and impress everyone. Even your friends!
How Much : Free

Jurrassic Park FILM NITE
When : Thursday 8th February @ 7.30pm
What : See Speilbergs classic Jurrassic park ripped apart and reconstructed in the form of jokes, poems , music theatre from a selection of artists, this sounds like an absolute ball.
How Much : £5

A Seventh Comedy night that passes the bachdel test with Hodes & Stone
When : Friday 9th February @ 7.30pm
What : Comedy galore with a female heavy line up, they count how many shows they have done and everything.
How Much : £5

Salvage Co Pop up show
When : Saturday 10th February , Saturday 17th March, Saturday 14th April 11am-4pm
What : pop up shop in the bar browse, play darts and eat things

Tandem Sounds Niall and Pais
When : Saturday 10th February 8pm-1am
What : club night at Alphabetti an ecelectic music mix including, but not limited to funk, raggae and drum and bass! From a DJs of all shapes and sizes
How Much : £4-£6

It’s no job for a nice jewish girl time2shine productions
When : Tuesday 13th February 7.30pm
What : Solo stand up with a touch of pop star class, this looks really interesting Do you want to fit in, or stand out?
How Much : £6.50-£8

So many reasons fuel & camden people’s theatre , created and performed by Rachael Ofori :
When : Wednesday 14th - Friday 16th February 7.30pm wed, 9.30pm Thursday and Friday
What : A story about mothers from the perpective of an award winning ghanaian woman, I was shown a clip of her performing, quite memorising

Bankers by Ben Dickenson, Stuart Henderson , Jo McCollock & Kim Spence - Write on tap :
When : Thursday 15th & Friday 16th 7.30pm
What : New writing that examines the increased use of food banks and the banking crisis of all the way back in good old 2008
How Much : Pay what you like

Scratch Tyne - Apples and snakes :
When : Saturday 17th February 12pm-3pm
What : Scratch tyne poetry and spoken word performance workshop. February focusses on developing hip hop and rap from your words / poems. With the help of Drop dead fred

Strictly Smokin ‘ Big band featuring Paul Booth :
When : Saturday 17th February @8pm
What : International saxophonist supreme Paul Booth Which I believe is sold out already, booooo
How Much : £10 if you are lucky to already have a ticket

Let Us Make It Up To You - Open Heart Theatre Improv fasinasia |With Your hosts Alex Fredera, Will Steele and Owen Scrivens
When : Tuesday 20th February @8pm
What : Improv, impro, improvised comedy how ever you want to say it this is sure to be a treat. With different improv groups local and from far away, guesting monthly starting with a great bunch of improvisers from Nottingham. Expect scenes, sketches, stories and songs all invented right infront of your eyes with help from your I’m sure excellent and totally clean-ish (I imagine) suggestions! To make you snort laugh a fist full no doubt.
How Much : £4-£6

The cult of Dave - Dave Alnwick
When : Wednesday 21st - Friday 23rd February
What : Magic, from the five star Edinburgh fringe sold out shows and not to mention three national tours and may even rock up in your living room to perform if you ask nicely (or happen to be a Newcastle United footy player) Local boy doing good, watch him amaze you as you try and fathom how the hell he just did what he just did!
How Much : £5-£7

4 1 Night only - The Suggestables School of Improv
When : Saturday 24th February @ 8.30pm
What : Suggestibles Ian McLaughling and Bev Fox have been running workshops since way back in 2012. This show is the latest showcase from them workshops and promises a mix of short and long form improvised comedy making it the second improv night of the month at Alphabetti. Taking your suggestions to inspire their students into some improvised comedy, all this for one night only folks, every show is completely different from the last.
How Much : £4-£5

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