Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wizard of Oz - NMTC at the Theatre Royal - Review

Wizard of Oz
Newcastle Musical Theatre Company
Wednesday 26th July 2017

So I went to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of Oz today and if you haven't read my preview then you may want to take a read of that before you read this.
(So what are you waiting for?)

I was in the Gods tonight but had a fantastic view from above.
In the first half Lucy Conroy played Dorothy who was stuck in Kansas when she sang Somewhere over the Rainbow my hairs stood up on my back she sang it amazingly and did a great job in the first half.
Second half Dorothy changed a bit with Victoria Monaghan taking over the role again making my hairs stand up on end with her amazing tone of voice
Jonny Hill I have to say was fantastic as Hunk/Scarecrow one of Dorothy's friends, he made the part his own and made the audience laugh at his punchlines.
Dan Greener once again did a great job in another main role for the company in the role of Hickory/Tinman and yeah his acting was a bit stiff sometimes!!
Jonathan Cash, What to say? Where to start? I will say that he had massive shoes to fill but I have to say he performed amazingly as Zeke/Lion, his portrayal of part was amazing and he got me from the start. And he has a great roar !!
So Aunt Em played by Linda Short gave a great performance alongside Dan Fisher who played Uncle Henry.
The Evil Wicked Witch was played by Claire Blake exceptionally well giving an evil performance which made the crowd boo and hiss at her.
Glinda, The Good Witch of the West was played by Nikki Cunningham who for me was perfect for the role!!
She helps introduce to the audience to The Munchkins.
The Munchkins were fantastic tonight and I'm sure they will only get better as the week goes on.
We followed the yellow brick road to get to the Wizards castle and the Wizard was played by the very wise Ken Allen and he bought this to the play.
Toto was played by Sunny and I have to say he was very well behaved and very cute.
Chris Jones was great and brought the comedy factor with his performance on the guard.
The performance was fantastic but I unfortunately missed a few major bits because of where I was sitting, which was disappointing but it didn't affect the performance too much.
The sound was a bit patchy for me with microphones not working properly (Sod's law) and a few times there was feedback which was coming from the orchestra pit I believe, but I'm sure it will be better as it was technically opening night.
Well on that subject I would like to say that the orchestra were absolutely amazing and full credit to them after what happened last night and I wish a speedy recovery for the member of the orchestra that was injured.
This show doesn't disappoint and is one for all the family! It will make you laugh cry and clap along to all the songs, so why not bring the whole family?
But hurry Tickets are nearly sold out.
Reuben Hiles

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