Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dance To Your Daddy- Review- Customs House

Dance To Your Daddy
Customs House - South Shields
Friday 6th March 2015

This North East Musical is full of great North East banter, the play written by David Cooke with music from Grahame Wright it won the prestigious performance award NODA award in 2013.

We join the cast in the 1940s in the war time era, George leaves for some unknown reason, but if you put two and two together you can work out why!
Jimmy is born to Mary who will go to the end of the world to keep him safe! But is Jimmy Mary's or Louise's who knows?
We Follow Jimmy from a baby to adulthood with the tragedies that he faces along the way.
But it's Louise's story that surprises everyone! 

Performed at South Shields Customs House this production had performances by Luke Maddison  who played Jimmy, David Hamilton who played Joe and Patricia Whale who played for me the main character Louise.
A special mention has to go to Darren Mudd who was staring in his first Big stage performance, and he did a grand job!
But the performance of Angela Hannon as the delightfully 'special ' Mary put everyone to  shame.

All the cast worked really hard to make the story flow with not many scene changes it was only the main set of a back lane, which if you'r a certain age this was where most of the action in people's lives happened!
The ensemble of other characters really created the comedy moments within the play and gave the audience some of their best laughs.
Carol Cooke played the Narrator which helped the audience pick up what was happening which was good as in some points this was needed.

Lighting wise there were some fantastic moments where light was used to amazing effect but there was also moments where I felt that it could be used better (but this may be because of where I was sitting in the theatre I just don't know?)

Sound wise it was a bit patchy in places, I don't know wether this was down to my hearing or the microphones themselves having an off day.
The production team have assembled an awesome cast that did an exceptional job on the night!

Overall this performance was funny, witty and extremely professionally, with songs, laughter and a bit of sadness- you'r bound to have a good time, but if your not a proper Geordie you may not understand it all the time but that's us Geordies for you- nobody understands us from anywhere else in the world!

Reuben Hiles

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