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Scary Play -Review- People's Theatre

Scary Play
People's Theatre
26th Feb 2015

Staged in the upstairs Studio of The Peoples Theatre in Newcastle Scary Play was an truly intimate show.

The main characters were all played by members of the Youth theatre with some of the more scary characters played by some of the members of PTAG.

The cast even though they were quite young held the show together extremely well, the six main characters Kal (Patrick Bouch), Mal (Maeve Thorpe), Ro (Cole Donaldson), Tilly (Julia Usher) Jaz (Aphra Holland Bonnett) and Boff (Lewis Gammer) are all round Kals house for a sleepover. Kal tries to tell them a Ghost Story (if the others just listened) he tells them about a haunted house near where they live, we then meet Lou Kals sister played by Maya Lant who Kal doesn't like that much as she spoils everything.

Boff decides that it's time for bed if they haven't got anything better to do, but. Then Kal gives the guys an idea!
...And so they set off to the haunted house, minus Lou of course.
- Being in the intimate studio surroundings I thought it would be difficult to portray this but the team pulled it off to magnificent effect.
Once there the others all go in but Boff decides to stay outside and be a watchman for the group, the others wander in and go their separate ways !
Will they ever get out ?

Once the others are inside we are introduced to The Man played by the wonderfully talented Ian Willis whos portrayal of this mean character which we don't know much about sent shivers down the strongest persons back.We also meet his one and only friend Monkey, who may look sweet and innocent but is she? Meanwhile outside the House and scare the living daylights out of Boff you guessed it! Lou who decides to go into the house to see what is happening taking her stuffed toy a Knife and a dodgy Axe with her, Boff chooses once again to stay outside and take guard .
In the House the other 5 have been tied  up by The Man and the monkey but the can go if they tell him one thing ? What is their biggest fear ? All of the guys except Kal tell them what they are scared of and get to face their fear which includes dentists, vampires, zombies and clowns, Then comes the big showdown between Kal and The Man but it's interrupted by none other Lou but this proves as a welcome and unwelcome distraction. Kal is faced with a decision to help his sister out or not, so he confesses what he is most fearful of, His Dad! (even though this is later dismissed by Lou).

But what is The Mans greatest fear? We find this out when the tables are turned on him and the monkey, Kal uses this to great effect and manages to persuade the man to bring all of his friends back.
Suddenly the lights dim, when the lights come up there is no sign of the man or monkey but all the gang are back together including Boff!
The other guys think Kal is mental as they can't remember what's gone on inside, Is this just another one of Kals elaborate stories or did it actually happen ? Who Knows!

But then Lou realises that her stuffed animal is still in the house who is going to get it ?
After getting called a chicken too many times off Kal, Boff goes in holding a knife saying Lion and Tigers and Bears oh my ! He goes into the haunted house on his own, after a minute or so he comes out screaming but not holding the knife he went in with which was given to him by Lou.

Next we meet The Night Watchman played by Steve Hewitt who tells them that nobody lives there and it's unsafe!
Is this all a part of Kals imagination or did it really happen?
The ending is a great climax to a wonderful show, we even find out what Lou is frightened of! (Don't worry your secrets safe with me).

Written by Judith Johnson and directed Sarah McLane assisted by Jeremy Williams- Chalmers

This is a small show with a lot of Scare thrown into it and great young actors that carry the show extremely well!

Reuben Hiles

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