Thursday, January 22, 2015

Daisy Pulls it Off - Review - People's Theatre

Daisy Pulls It Off
People's Theatre
21st Jan 2015

Daisy Meredith, daughter of an opera singer, has won a scholarship to Grangewood School for Girls. She is the first elementary school pupil to to benefit from the new scholarship. Naturally she is thrilled and cannot wait to meet the rest of the girls, dreaming of the hockey and games, midnight feasts and jolly japes that she has read about in books. She soon discovers that life at a boarding school full of girls who have money and family behind them is not always as jolly as she had imagined. Not all the girls are so happy for her to be there as she is herself. And one or two are just plain mean! Daisy has her work cut out to forge a place for herself in the school, and must battle against class prejudice to win through. Along the way there is of course the mystery of the Burlington treasure, Mr Thompson and the enigmatic Mr Scoblowski to solve.

This is an amusing spoof of the girls' boarding school story. It is full to the brim of the aforementioned japes - both jolly and downwright mean - plenty of topping plans, secret societies, best chums, midnight adventures and a bucketload of patriotism! It is given the added twist of the casting of adults in all the parts and a team of teaching staff that would make Alistair Sim proud!

A clever set and lighting ease the play through its many scenes and skillful direction keeps the action flowing and the audience involved. Maggie Childs and Alison Carr pull off the roles of best friends Daisy and Trixie with ease.

There is a lot riding on her being able to prove her worth - Will Daisy pull it off? Will it be Jubilate! or expulsion? Come to the People's Theatre this week to find out!

A topping romp through boarding school!
Plays until the 24th Jan.

Denise Sparrowhawk

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