Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Street Party In Soho -sort of review- Cluny 2

Street Party In Soho
Cluny 2
Newcastle Upon Tyne
13th December 2014

Sunday nights I normally while away the hours before the dreaded knot in the stomach hits me with 'work the next day'
So I thought bugger it..head off to the Cluny to see a band that I had heard of, read about and listened to on the old internet.
I didnt know much about them apart from that....but when I saw them live, their style of indie pop/spacey jingley jangly rock really hit the spot with me.
Really cracking bass/drum backline held the audience (well me anyways) in the palm of their hands.
Fantastic guitar work, with a lot of keyboard style effects gave it the spacey feel that I mentioned before..
The singer certainly has the looks and the emotive vocal talent that will lead them to good places.
I had a part chat with their manager and Marilyn(the drummer's mam) about what the future has in store for them, and with support from the likes of you (my lovely readers) this Newcastle based group will be gracing the pages of NME and tickets to see them play live will far exceed the paltry £6 that I and the well received audience had to pay.

I am not the best music review critic in the world, but I like what I like, and then I think the world should know and like them too..

Michael Hunter

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  1. Brilliant band many followers they deserve a break as they are so talented