Thursday, May 29, 2014

Duet For One -Review- The Peoples Theatre - 27 May 2014

Duet For One - The Peoples Theatre (Studio Theatre)

Director - Kay Worswick

How would you cope if your passion and drive for life was taken from you in a cruel twist of fate?
This is the main theme of "Duet for One" by Tom Kempinski. It followes the dark and often raw tale of two people. Stephanie Abrahams, Played in this case by the stunning Anna Dobson, who envisaged a tormented and distressed woman in the prime of her career. until that is when she is struck with Multiple Sclerosis. thus ending her career as a passionate Violinist.

As you can imaging this would be a hard blow to anyone, but with Stephanie, there’s a lot more that meets the eye.

The play starts with a visit to the local Psychiatrist (Played by the compelling Steve Robertson) by Stephanie, at this point bound to a wheelchair. We then follow her mental decline as she spirals out of control into an almost unmanageable stage.

At first this play seems like any other play. Then as time goes by, and at an astonishingly well planned pace, we see more and more of this two Hand play unfold.

It’s rather hard to describe. Its gritty, Bleak and immensely thought provoking and compelling. Both on stage held their part to a perfect standard, offering a wide array on this at times emotionally charged, intriguing insight into Stephanie’s world.

The studio theatre seems to have been the perfect setting for this play, offering an even more fined tuned piece of artistry, weaving in and out of a true, emotional and beautifully crafted piece of theatre. The Peoples Theatre never ceases to amaze me with the sheer quality of their productions. This play has it all and more. It will leave you thinking and analysing everything you already know about Mental Health, and bring you even closer to Classical Music. That in my book is a perfect and intellectually intriguing place to be.

The Cast and Crew should be extremely proud. They have created a piece of compelling, stimulating, fresh and true piece of theatre, that I for one would highly recommend! 

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