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Review – Addams Family Musical (9th – 12th April 2014)

Review – Addams Family Musical (9th – 12th April 2014)

By David Oliver

Company - Nice Swan Theatre Company

Venue – The Peoples Theatre

Dir – Kate Ross & Lee Rosher

Right then… Where do I begin? The Addams Family Musical has quickly become one of my all time favourites in terms of musical. The musical explains what happens when a young girl, Namely Wednesday Addams when loves takes over the heart and shakes up everything this family knows about her… And now there’s talk of Marriage? But if you think that the Addams are a “Normal” family… think again!

So there are The Addams, The weird, wonderful and eccentric, and a tad creepy, and then there’s Beineke family, a nice normal, average family. But things are set to change very quickly. And so this black, gothic fairy-tale begins.

This popular Musical is based on the well-known TV series and films, and brings this popular set of characters of this North East Premiere to the stage! Wednesday Addams, A Princess of darkness has seemingly fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man. And after she confides in her Father in this surprising tale of love, it forces him to do something he’d never normally do… keep a secret from his beloved wife.  It seems like every fathers nightmare, right?

We begin the show with the opening number, after an amazing overture. This in itself was a hint of what was to come.  The powerful and sweet sounding vocals of the cast were astounding, and this soon set the bar VERY HIGH. With choreography timed, and performed to near perfection, and a band that brought this undead spectacular to life.

The Addams family are the creepy, kookey and darn right weird family that would make any family look positively normal.  So what happens when the family of the bride, have to go through that awkward first family meeting?  In this case, Hilarity ensues!  Lurch (The Family’s Un-dead Butler) offers a few hilarious offerings, both in terms of performance and situation. This socially awkward butler speaks but no English, but more in a series of grunts, he walks impeccably slow, and this is played on wonderfully. Add to this his later full blown musical number, and this almost has you on the floor! Jacob Anderton has nailed and captured this creepy butler, and adds great dynamic to the show.

Other notable performances include Carly Burns, as Wednesday Addams who simply blew me away completely with her astounding voice! Dale Lewitt, who gave us all a laugh as Gomez Addams, and offered a few surprising tender moments with really pulled at me heartstrings beautifully. Jack Johnson, who has proven that he, can hold a note, and at times the show with his fantastic skills as Pugsley Addams.

Glen Townsend also had me pleasantly surprised as Lucas Bieneke. With yet another astounding voice! And here to guide us through the whole dark fairy-tale is dear old Uncle Fester. This guy is brought to life is the sensational David Hopper.  He is quint essentially the Narrator of this tale of love and Marriage. He seems to have been born for this role. With his amazing vocals, and a quirky nature added to this fun loving, Moon Obsessed guy. Yeah, he has a massive crush on the moon! Offering a wide array of emotions and tender scenes that once again proved the standard of this show.

Add to this, the spooky spirits of from the Addams Family crypt, you get this astonishingly professional, simply astounding, show stopping spectacular.

There were minor sound issues in the first act, but these were quickly acted upon and fixed, by a fantastic team! The Visuals Were great, with a whole bunch of moving lighting, needed for any production of this size!  The live orchestra, sounded brilliant, and I lived every second of listening to their great and diverse range.  All in all there was very little wrong with this production. It has offered up the best Theatre Experience I have had in a long time! And not to mention a soundtrack that will stay with you forever!

This large set of Creative, and Talented people and brilliant and Clever Direction have pulled off a show that is a must see!  Every part if this show has been extremely well designed, constructed an executed, leaving you with a Musical That is sublime to my ears and a visual treat to watch and absorb.

Will Wednesday and Lucas find their path in true love and wedded bliss?  Will Uncle Fester ever find true loves happiness with the Moon? One things for sure…. When there’s an Addams around…. Anything could happen!

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