Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Me & My Girl -Review- Jarrow Community Centre

Me & My Girl
Jarrow Musical Theatre Company
Jarrow Community Centre
9th October 2012

The rags to riches tale of Lambeth 'barrow boy' Bill Snibson, and his love above-all-else for the lady in his life Sally Smith, is the core ingredient of JMTC's current production of Me & My Girl.
Charting the quest of the Harefords, a well to do family in the 1930's, to find the rightful heir to the title of Earl of Hareford. Their search ends with the most unlikely sire of Snibson, who brings confusion and unease to the Hareford Mansion.
The family don't want a commoner to rule the roost, so the executors of the estate Maria, Duchess of Dene and Sir John Tremayne set out to train him in the fine art of speech and etiquette, but with much hilarity and a cheeky chap approach from Snibson, not all goes well.
After introducing Sally (much more common than 'our hero') into the fold, Maria makes it her personal objective to turn everybody against her and send her back from whence she came.
This doesn't sit well at all with Snibson, who at first is intrigued with his new status, but is more than willing to turn his back on it all, to keep the girl that he loves more than anything.
What follows in Me & My Girl is the tale of hierarchy versus the grounded man with all to possibly win/lose.

With a lovely set that switches seamlessly between the Mansion House to the streets of Lambeth, Me & My Girl is a very humourous story that had chuckles of laughter coming from the audience.
The whole cast performed brilliantly. Margaret Gray gave a superb, almost 'Mrs Bucket' feel to Maria, who tried her best coax the brilliantly manic anticked David Bruce as Snibson.
Clare Douglas as Sally played the easily led love interest with great style and passion. Her singing on 'Once You Lose Your Heart' was very memorable.
'Doing The Lambeth Walk' was the highlight of a great and colourful score, the sound and lighting (Stephen Bovill) perfectly matched the mood on stage.
Director Enid Gale was very happy with what her actors have brought to Me & My Girl. This was a very tight and polished performance that was instilled well into the cast.
A very pleasant night at the theatre, that I would recommend thoroughly

Me & My Girl runs until Saturday 12th October.

Michael Hunter 

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