Monday, September 3, 2012

Talking about you tube.. Common Wolf

Talking about you tube.. Common Wolf

Exactly a month ago to the day, me and my daughter Emma heading into Dublin, from Belfast. As in Belfast the sun was cracking the pavement, so we looked for a nice sit down, to plan the day..and while away a few hours till we met the chap who we were staying with.

We headed to Merrion Square Park and found a nice little patch of grass to rest our weary bones..we noticed that a band were playing and being filmed. I shouted over to them to say that we would move if we were in the way. They said that it was no problem. Once they had more or less finished I gave them the thumbs up and applauded.
On the way to another location in the park Ross O'Farrell the lead singer of the band came over and thanked us..and in a lovely gestures, he gave us the bands EP, and has some good craic with us.
Lovely people..I even got the whole band to sign the CD, as well as the guys on the camera/sound.. haha

You never never know they might just make it big, and my CD, along with this youtube video (with me and Emma in the background) might just make us a few bob.. haha..

Common Wolf can be got at here

Michael Hunter

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