Monday, September 3, 2012

Stuff that I like..

 Stuff that I like...

I have been laid up recently with a bit of a gammy knee, so have had a bit of down always one to look and find new and exciting things to entertain me.
Youtube is awash with brill things...almost far too much on there to take in..but when things are pointed out, that you can't help but feel brilliance from, then I wanna here goes..

Two fantastic Geordie girls doing a cover of Call Me Maybe 
I can't stop playing it..!!

An amazing performance (that really needs to be heard with headphones on)  by Dub Fx  'Flow'..featuring Woodnote

A really great acapella threesome Lace on Lipstick singing These Bones

More beatbox recordy stuff by the brilliant MC Xander performing Sick of the lies

One of my favourite films is Truly Madly Deeply with 'that scene' in it..I was discussing the film and the cello with a friend online and he pointed me in the direction of  another magical cello entrance..have a listen to Revere's cover of  Love will tear us apart ..when the cello kicks in...goosebump city!!

This is downright well weird...and funky, but once you play mighn't get it off again,.. Die Antwoord's I Fink U Freeky

This aren't music..but oh so funny...

Anchor fails and FENTON..!!!!!!

Enjoy..if you like any..or you have any special ones that you would like to share with me..then please get in touch.

Michael Hunter


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