Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It is that time of year again..!!

It is that time of year again..!!

July\August\September is always a very busy time for Theatre and the arts..I am going to include Cinema into this as my first Cinema review is now in place on my blog, Bridesmaids a brilliant film has been reviewed by my friend Maria...and you know what you could be doing that job..!!
Do you like the Theatre, Cinema and that arts enough to give reviewing it a good crack?? This timeline is going to be a bit mad for me to get to everything that I want could step into the breach and help me out!
If you fancy giving it a go, then please get in touch. I am looking for people who at short notice could step into my shoes, get given two tickets for a particular performance, maybe get a free glass of wine at half time, then rush home to get scribbling their thoughts onto a digital platform.
It could be that you have been to a particular performance and you want the world to know about it.
I will give you full credit on any review that is submitted, I will even tell you how many hits that you have gained.!
I am mainly looking for reviewers in the North East of England, but happy to have submissions from further afield. I am looking at spreading my wings and touching Yorkshire and even the bright lights of London for my fix of theatre so would love to have guest reviewers from that neck of the woods.
You know what to do...get in touch..!!



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