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Bridemaids - Review-

Another Guest review time.
I used to work with Maria (Docherty) at South Tyneside Council, she was an It specialist, and I met her when on a course. Even then she talked about theatre,books and cinema with a passion. Maria is an unpublished screenwriter and author.


Kristen Wiig plays single girl Annie, her life is sprinting from bad to worse, she has lost her business, has a disappointing relationship with a ‘friend with benefits’ (Mad Men’s John Hamm being extremely sleazy), a job she hates and mad English flatmates.
But her best friend from childhood, Lilian (Maya Rudolph) has wonderful news...she is getting married and wants Annie to be her Maid of Honour!
Annie agrees and wants to do the best for her old pal but hasn’t quite got the skills to pull off a successful bachelorette do. She has the added problem of a rival in the best friend stakes, the perfect Helen (Rose Byrne), Helen is rich, beautiful, poised, organised...and determined to take over.
Annie will have to fight to retain her position as Maid of Honour, control a random bunch of mismatched bridesmaids and more importantly stay friends with Lillian.
Bridesmaids is a laugh out loud hilarious look at female friendships and rituals. There are several hysterical set pieces: at the dress fitting, the airplane to Vegas, the bridal shower; the humour gets very down and dirty at times but always stays in tune with the characters. Wiig (who co-wrote the script) is brilliant as the hapless Annie who needs a wake-up call to get her life out of the mess it’s in, Rose Byrne is deliciously evil as her nemesis Helen and there is strong support from Rudolph (Lillian) and Chris O’Dowd who adds a hint of love interest to the proceedings. Our very own Matt Lucas shines as the flatmate from hell but the funniest support comes from Melissa McCarthy as the groom’s crazy sister Megan, don’t leave before the credits to see a final gross-out scene as Megan gets her man!
Bridesmaids gets a big thumbs up from me, it is funny, gross at times and sweet at others but very honest about women and our little ways. Definitely a film I could watch again...loved it!

Maria Docherty 25th June 2011

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