Saturday, February 12, 2011

Well that was a canny week, auditons for NMTC and BBC starlet

It has been a very productive week for me and I haven't even been to the theatre.
My last review The Man and The Donkey, last week, has been getting rave reviews, mine included and is going from strength to strength.It is entering it's last day of production, so go and see it before it disappears-hopefully onto bigger and better things-and places. It is one of these plays that I can definitely see attracting great audiences at The Edinburgh Festival...expect the folks over at The BBC raving over it!
This week though has been little mentions and big high 5's for me.
First of all when it comes to heading home from The (very damp and squishy) Lakes, after a great day of walking the Fells, I always feel a little bit down, I always feel I am leaving a little bit of me behind as soon as the A66 is in the rear view mirror. This time though, the sluggish feeling was overtaken by a little bit of elation.
Whilst walking the Fells, my mobile phone reception is virtually nil, so normally when travelling back a fair few hundred messages come flooding in (I get a lot of Twitter updates, including football scores, bloody Sunderland lost again..and Fleet Street Fox was getting ready for another drink fuelled take on the world new), so was delighted when I checked my voicemail, Michael Lamb of Newcastle Musical Theatre Company had been in touch to ask me whether if I minded, a quotes from the review that I did of The king and I, from September 2010 could be included on their next flyer to promote 42nd Street (by the way they are looking for two young and vibrant leads for this production, Peggy Sawyer and Billy Lawlor, auditions are on Sunday 27th February at the prestigious Theatre Royal in Newcastle, see the link for more details) I think and I quote 'was totally flawless from start to finish' is what grabbed him to come to the conclusion that I could possibly put a few bums on seats..good one, I am looking forward to receiving a handful of the flyers, so I can do more promotion from them.
When I was last at The People's Theatre in Newcastle to see and review Pygmalion, a BBC team were there to help and promote the theatre's Centenary, I was interviewed by Chris Jackson of the Inside Out team on my thoughts of the theatre and the general outlook of performances. If you want to have a look at the brilliant documentary that they have put together, and of course have a little peek at my ugly mug (mind you if you blink you will miss me.. haha) then have a look HERE.

Today I am off to do a photo shoot and interview of Liam White AKA 'digitalecho', he submitted to me and The Cultural Thing team a cd of his work, for inclusion to the Newcastle Central Library cd loan scheme that I have talked about before. I am a  little bit nervous I must admit,but looking forward to a new challenge, hopefully the interview which I will post, will get Liam a breakthrough into the gigging world that I know he deserves.

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  1. Saw you on the BBC :) fortunately I blinked just before your millisecond... :P Lots of good stuff happening.