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Cinderella review Westovians

A woman's work is never can just imagine poor Cinderella singing that as she cleans and polishes her way into exhaustion. No let up in sight for her, is this all life has to offer? 
It certainly seems that way, especially when her father –Baron Hardup of Hardup Hall- marries a wealthy woman to secure his status. She brings with her lots of baggage, a sinister lifestyle and two very out of the ordinary daughters to make sure Cinders is forever facing the grindstone.
Buttons,-the Baron’s servant- is Cinderella’s only friend, he loves her from afar and only wants the best for her. To wisk her off her feet and marry his dream girl is all that he has ever wanted. He has a lot to contend with though. The Prince of the land is throwing a Ball. He wants a suitor to fulfil his every need. Will Cinderella get to go to the ball, will the ugly sisters and her frightening step mother put up as many hurdles as possible to stop her?

The Westovians fantastic mix of youth and senior actors has come up with a spellblinding feast of family entertainment, well worth double the entrance fee.
Me and my daughter Emma (her first visit to The Westovians) rolled around the aisles in stitches at the antics of all on stage. This production – with all good panto’s  - has something for everybody to enjoy, children and big adults kids alike.
The beautiful Natasha Haws played the weary Cinderella with fantastic grace and skill. Her lovely singing voice was a treat to the ears. The madcap and wonderfully funny pair of Stephen R Sullivan and Stan Hunter were my stars of the show as Asphyxia and Euthanasia (something there for the adults to laugh about) the ugly sisters, there is nothing more funny than two blokes dressed as women carrying on with broad Geordie accents. Rachael Walsh and Annie Cairns played Prince Charming and Dandini with a continuation of the brilliant work that The Westovians have delivered for us. No panto would be complete without the Fairy Godmother, Beryl Henderson-who I normally see behind the scenes-stepped up for this small role and smashed it. I wish she could only have handed me her magic wand.

Director and Producers Peter Lathan, Val codling and Amy Harris have put together a great team of actors, to ensure that the first performance from the Westovians of 2011 (their Centenary year) put a smile on everybody’s lips (well maybe not Ray Spencer(director of the Customs House), who was present, he was the butt of a few throw away jokes). This is a show that I would recommend wholeheartedly!

Cinderella is performed everyday from Jan 21th to Jan 29th at 7.30pm, with a Saturday Matinee at 2pm
Tickets are priced at £6.50, with children under 12 at £4.50

Michael Hunter

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