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Spamalot - Review - Theatre Royal

NMTC at Theatre Royal Newcastle Tuesday 28th of May

I flaming love this theatre company and I think for the past 5 years I have seen all their productions and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

This is one of the funniest shows that they have done in a long time, but sadly tonight the audience wasn't there.
There was a severe lack of audience members so this is my call to you (person reading this) GO and SEE THIS SHOW!!!!

Even if you don't like or get Monty Python (I don't), you will love this play which tells the story of King Arthur and his knights of round table as they try to find the holy grail.

King Arthur, played by the charismatic Charles Docherty, is joined by his noble steed - Patsy - played Stuart Liddle. Just try to find a better double act than these two...... I'll wait.

JoJo Hatfield -who should really be on broadway playing parts in big shows - is amazing as the Lady of the Lake.
Her vocals are amazing and wow! she hits that high note with ease.

There are plenty of comedic parts  including Sir Robin the Brave who was played (apparently) by James Mitchinson... but knowing James as I do, I know he doesn't have long hair. (perhaps he was wearing a wig? - Ed)

Dennis / Sir Galahad tonight is played by Jay Robinson (but he will also be played by Jamie Douglass later in the week). Jay is fantastic and is transformed into a dashing knight by the Lady of the Lake.

Sir Lancelot who is played by Stephen Mason who I have to say looks good in fishnets and it's not the first time he has played this character (Are you trying to tell us something, Stephen?).

Sir Bedevere is played by Dan Collins who looks like he is enjoying himself in his first NMTC show.

I have to say that James Forster (who plays Prince Herbert) looks fabulous in a dress and a wig!! (You must do it often?)

There are so many characters that I could talk about but I'll be here all day so I'll just go through them quickly.

Prince Herbert's Father was played by Gawen Robinson, Dan Greener was fantastic and showed a more comedic side to his acting this year.
Carl Luke played Not Dead Fred, Lindsay Gill who is also the publicity officer plays the historian.
Dan Fisher plays Brother Maynard and Concorde and Lee Benson plays Black Knight and Bors with Kim Robinson playing Galahad's Mother and Micheal Skoles who multitasks well playing 4 parts.

But the star of the show was the coconuts!!!!!! (Only Joking).

We go through the journey with Arthur and his knights to find the holy grail but seeing as the knights are not the brightest crayons in the box they don't last long until they come unstuck.

With Great songs like Lady in the Lake, Knights of the Round table and of course the song we all know Brave Sir Robin.... (What you don't know it???, you ain't lived) LOL only joking . It's Always look on the Bright Side of Life.
This show has a fantastic ensemble of lovely young ladies,
I'll list them below.
Jacqui Simpson, Susan Sanderson, Lisa Powell, Alia Nabi, Judy Mahoney, Claire Blake, Tricia Tait, Cindy Redhead, Sheila Coleman, Sara Blair, Kate Sword, Jess Wells Auchteronie, Laura Wood, Bryony Souza Hawkins, Ruth Scott, Jessica Carle and even a cheeky little cameo from Choreographer Sandra Laidler who I swear lies about her age saying she's 40 (she's only 38!!!).

Bea Atkinson has done a great job directing the cast alongside Carl Luke (He's not paying me for these mentions I promise), the man with the musical baton is Malcolm Moffat and Lisa Roach is Dance Captain. And God is played by the Idle called Eric. This show is funny and sophisticated and you will belaughing and tapping your feet and whistling - or trying to in my case as I was losing my voice!

With many people backstage working their asses off to help with the show.

All they need is the audience. Tickets start as little as £17 in the stalls so do go and book one! You won't be disappointed!

Book here

On until Saturday 1st of June.

Rubes Hiles

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