Friday, October 5, 2018

Fans - Review - Live Theatre

Photo from Live Theatre
Live Theatre
4th October 2018

So I was a bit apprehensive about going to this as this is what I do as a day job.
Fans, presented by The Six Twenty is a gig/play that isn't a sit down shut up theatre show and should be enjoyed at maximum volume.
Phones are allowed and you can take photos and videos, they even have #hashtags.
The show takes you on a journey along with the characters.
Chris Foley who was Musical Director in the show played Chris (I think he played himself)
He likes Green Day and has seen them a few times.
Someone hopefully woke up the band a few days ago.
Charlie Raine, plays Charlie is the lead singer of the band and had many phases emo, goth, but she's always had one person who she absolutely loves - the legend that is Madonna.
Charlie is a style queen, or so she thinks!
Andrew Bleakley, plays Andrew the drummer of the band. He's a fan of the Indy/unknown bands but can also do a good rendition of an Elton John song on piano.
And Alex Tahnee (who stared in Byker Grove - it took me a while to remember where I had seen her face) plays -  can you guess??
Meghan! That's right! Now Meghan is like myself, she likes every kind of music and can't choose who she likes. Much like a lot of people. She plays bass in the band but Alex Tahnee can sing! She has one of the purest vocals I have heard.

The play is written incredible well by the talented Nina Berry and is directed by the equally talented Melanie Rashbrooke.
It's hard to explain the plot of the play as it's not really a play but the audience is taken on a journey with songs from all ages and from many different artists such as Oasis, Green Day, Elton John, Beyoncé and many more.
The 4 actors are great and have real chemistry on stage playing their instruments really well. The production team need to be praised for getting the casting spot on. It's not just all loud music, there are some fantastic quiet moments that make this a remarkable show for everyone.
The Set, created by Luke W Robson, is fantastic - it reminds me of the old unit I used to get the sound gear from (I'm a sound engineer) and it was spot on.
Production Management and Sound and Lighting by Craig Spence is excellent he made it feel like a gig and a play at the same time even adding haze into the mix (us lighting guys love haze).
Co-ordinating it all is Steven Blackshaw.

This show had me laughing most of the way through, and the guy next to me was nearly crying with laughter. If you go to this then you are not going to be sitting watching you will be getting involved in many ways. You even get a glow stick to take home.

Before you come to experience this show, take yourself back in time to your first ever gig, remember how you felt, then come to this performance and relive that feeling.

A great show that will have you singing, laughing, crying and just having a good time.
On until Saturday 6th of October and you CAN go and see this show more than once.

Reuben Hiles

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