Thursday, March 8, 2018

Wind in the Willows – People's Theatre - Review

Wind in the Willows

People's Theatre
Wednesday 7th of March 2018 

So this was my very first review of the year and I couldn't get into the theatre as the main door wasn't working for me. But at last I managed to get in and only missed a few minutes of the show.

We all know the story of Wind in the Willows having read the book as a young child, (I skipped the boring bits). I was excited to see it come alive on stage at one of the best locally run theatres in Newcastle.

The stage was set! And I have to say that the stage design was amazing and helped tell the story on every level.
Ratty the posher one of the 4 main was played by Sam Hinton who had met Mr Mole (Moley) - is the naïve little one was played by Emma Jane Richards.
You could say Paris Hilton could be the human Mr Toad, self absorbed, reckless, played here by Roger Liddle who for me gave the character all the energy that was needed.
But the star of the show for me, was Mark Burden whose comical performance playing Albert the Horse was fantastic and I hope to see him in more shows (even if he is a brummie).
It was a good, fun show and something that everyone should be proud of but I'm not sure it will live long in the memory.
Directed by Anna Dobson.
On until 10th of March.

Reuben Hiles

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