Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Cult Of Dave -Review- Alphabetti Theatre

The Cult of Dave
Alphabetti Theatre
February 21st-23rd 2018

Magician Dave Alnwick’s magic show is his attempt to create his very own cult. He’s already onto a good start with Newcastle United being part of his fanbase, you might also be able to hire him yourself for your own event. Dave aims to convert people to everything Dave with his array of tricks and skills, the majority of which focus on his card tricks. Dave has an unbelievable amount of charisma and as he later admits is he feels like a leader, which is a good thing when the entire show is about him. He used very few props, just several packs of cards, a pen and a drawing board to explain his ideas and philosophy. He reminded me of comedian Dave Gorman throughout the show and I kept thinking of Ed Sheeran songs while he was performing, I guess it’s like the Harry Hill’s philosophy that all bald men look the same, but for ginger men.

He didn’t waste any time in wowing the crowd and dived straight into several card games, even throwing the audience off by suggesting ways he might of done the trick and then disapproving them. He had cards coming out of his mouth at one point, even got a guy to go through his pockets to reveal a single card and moments later he pulls out lots more cards. He used the majority of the crowd at some point in this process, dragging several members on stage with him. So if you like getting involved this show is for you. For the big finale he writes on a business card and seals it in an envelope giving it to a kid in the front row for safe keeping and gets the audience to pick numbers from a variety of combinations, which will later add up to an unknown number.

He likes to talk us through his thinking and informs a lot of the items around the magic he performs. He manages to guess which shape audience members are thinking of, by working out which volunteers are lying about various questions, such as what is your mothers maiden name (you are half way to accessing someone’s account if you get that!), to find out who has the card with a symbol on. Next he tries to guess someone’s card (from a full pack of cards) using psychological methods, splitting up each card type into different psychological profiles, such as leader (Dave’s type), optimist and another two types. He even teaches another audience member how to read someone’s card (and he gets it right)

In the finale he attempts to play a game of poker with two audience members using one pack of cards splitting them and memorising half of pack, then getting the volunteers to order the rest of the cards for him to eliminate them leaving just five cards for each person without looking at the cards. Before everyone goes he talks about his merchandise (join the cult of Dave) and does his big reveal of what he’s been working towards all through the performance.

I found this show very entertaining and my attention was always on the show. It would have been nice if he had done less card tricks and more of the mentalist / mind reader type of magic and other magic types, but it was captivating all the same. He’s a born showman and will no doubt only increase on his cult following in the next few years.

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