Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Grinch-Review-Starset Theatre

Starset Theatre
The Grinch Christmas Adventure 
Saturday 16th December 2017  2.00pm

Boldon Theatre, Boldon School

Based on “The Grinch- The Panto” by Limelight Scripts adapted by Starset Theatre

I love all things Christmas, the story of The Grinch and the film adaptation starring Jim Carrey, so it was with great excitement that I awaited the curtain to go up and the show to start.

Written by Dr Seuss, The Grinch is a much loved and well known tale of a furry green grumpy recluse (The Grinch) who lives on a cliff which overlooks the town of Whoville where the cheery and ever optimistic residents (the Whos) annoy him with their Christmas spirit and joyful  preparations. So what does he decide to do?…try and ruin Christmas for them of course 

This production follows the original story and then adds its own stamp throughout with singing and dancing, the jokes and the panto moments (oh yes they did)
I was delightfully entertained with the solo and the choir of singers in a great mix of classic Christmas songs (including the favourite Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade)  Pop songs (Bad by Michael Jackson and Go West by Pet Shop Boys to name a few) and Let It Go from the film Frozen. A warm glow was felt when I heard Golden Slumbers (originally by The Beatles and sung recently by Elbow and heard on the John Lewis Christmas advert)

It was heartwarming to see the many young cast members of all ages as they sang, danced and performed on the stage taking parts such as Buddy The Elf, The Snow Queen, The Spirit of Christmas, Nora, Santa Claus and not forgetting…. The Grinch himself.
There was plenty of both intentionally groan inducing jokes and funny moments,  both in the writing and also the delivery from very naturally talented students. Within the story a few references to local places added to making the story their own (Marios Pizza and Colmans restaurant were a few)

The costumes and wigs were very well done and added such brilliant colour and brightness to the stage,  along with the images displayed on the screen behind. As the story continued I particularly liked the flow of the change from singing dancing and storytelling.
Just in case there's anyone who doesn't know the story of The Grinch I won't spoil the ending (does he succeed in his quest to ruin Christmas for everyone or can the act of a kind heart and good spirit win him over) 

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this, and found myself singing along with gusto several times too. A sense of feelgood permeated throughout the theatre. I could see and hear proud relatives and friends as they pointed out and watched their loved ones on stage. It was a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the run up to Christmas, especially with the addition of the snowflakes drifting down from above on to the stage 

The show is also on Sunday 17th December at 2.00pm and 5.00pm

Production Team 

Director                Elissa Hudson
Musical Director  John Hudson
Choreographer    Katie Pugh
Choreographer    Helen Wilson 

Belinda Bekki-Winter

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