Thursday, December 14, 2017

Rumpelstiltskin Screening -Review- balletLORENT Tyneside Cinema

Rumpelstiltskin Screening
Tyneside Cinema

Tonight was something that I was really looking forward to.
I had originally been invited by Northern Stage to review this production on the stage rather than the screen, unfortunately I couldn't get along myself, but I did send my trusty minion Reuben to see it 'live'.. your eyes can be feasted upon his words here.

An email popped up two weeks after the review was published, inviting me to a remarkable event in London, showcasing the talents of balletLORENT, The Space and Director Jonathon Haswell at the premiere of this 'stage to cinema to small screen' adaptation of the Ballet. Again our diaries weren't in sync, so was again disappointed at missing out on it.
An email a few day later alerted me to this screening at Tyneside Cinema and as I had never been to this type of adaptation before (I had always wanted to see The RSC when it has been either recorded live or streamed at the cinema, but never tied up the old diary again), so was eager to attend.

As the audience gathered in the cinema, the air was full of chitter chatter of friends meeting friends, actors meeting actors and the sense of something really exciting about to be unveiled.

The night got underway by founder and artistic director of balletLORENT, Liv Lorent, taking the mic, introducing herself and her esteemed team. She spoke of the stages of the transformation, between stage to screen, the film score and the real hard work but fun that was gained from this project.
She also quite correctly informed the cheery children in the audience that when they see themselves on the big screen not to shout out, or more importantly not to be disappointed if THEIR best bit, or best angle wasn't shown.
The cutting room floor is a heartbreaker at times, so to be forewarned was a nice touch.

The child actors amongst the audience were in for the first treat of the night.
Each child during the rehearsal and performance period all filled in a log book to describe what they had learned and discovered about art and dance forms.
This log book was entered as part of an Arts Award,the air changed to the sound of the children present on the night excitedly realising that they would be getting their certificates.
All gladly passed with flying colours.

As soon as the opening scenes of the film came bursting through the screen with the Soundtrack by Bafta nominated Murray Gold, haunting and twisting along with the opening ballet dancer steps, I knew then that this WOULD be really exciting.
The film really does capture the words that Reuben wrote.
All of the excitement of 'the live' was there, the soundtrack mixes the foot/floor noises that squeak out, so as to make 'that live' even better, more realistic.
I soon forgot that I was in the cinema, could have been there.
This film really captures what a fantastic stage showing was given by balletLORENT
I sooo wanted to see the stage version, Reuben's words then, made me want to see it even more.
This screening in 2D has definitely made me want to see it in its 3D variety

The night itself was a total celebration of the craft of the production, the actors and the dedication of the dream of creation.
The production was filmed at one of the Northern Stage dates and has been released on December 8th.

Michael Hunter

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  1. I watched the video - even on my tiny tablet screen it was fab!