Friday, November 10, 2017

From The Sky To Your Hands -Review- Live Theatre

From The Sky To Your Hands 

Live Theatre Newcastle

9th November 2017 

Joana Geronimos incredible story is being bought to life and what a story it is.

Live Theatre in Newcastle continues to create great shows and this one was just as good- f not better, but who am I to judge?

From The Sky To Your Hands is  about Joana and her son Osvaldo(who was one year old at this stage) when they came over in 2003, and who have now have proper Geordie accents !!
Osvaldo is also starring in the play.
Joana is an actor and commanded the stage and she told her story from her time in Angola to coming to Newcastle.
She’s an adopted Geordie like myself and is a credit to the city and the play tackles some personal issues that she has had to face which include issues with poverty, asylum seekers and the theme of belonging. These issues are common and especially since Brexit.

Not only was Joana great but she had many great young actors from Live Theatre's Youth Theatre and they are Finn Armstrong, Elizabeth Guariento, Ore Olajidr, Isobel Donkin, Dawn Hardcastle, Wambui Hardcastle, Kalem Patterson and Osvaldo Geronimo. They were a great support and helped Joana tell her story, this was a great idea and the mix was perfect and is something that Live should continue to do.

Written by Juliana Mensah who helped make this play after an extensive audition process, she has written a fantastic play.
Paul James once again did an amazing job as Director with Michael Lockhart as Assistant Director.

The set was designed by Alison Ashton, was simple but effective, one of our most famous iconic Geordie symbols is in the background (you’ll have to go to find out which one it is).
Musical Director was Mariam Rezaei and she did a fantastic job and even made old style Christian songs sound cool and I’m a Christian!!
Nick Rogerson was Lighting Designer, he did a did a great job helping the story unfold, Craig Spence was Sound Designer, he also did a grand job.

This show while short in length is fantastic, everyone involved should be so pleased with themselves with this production... and it’s a show that will live long in my memory (hopefully, as  I can’t remember much) but it’s a show that everyone needs to see and has many different issues that it addresses and a play that everyone can enjoy no matter who they are.

On until Saturday 11th of November so go and see this play it will leave you with pause for thought and possibly leave you with a few tear stains.

Reuben Hiles

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much!!!:-)
    I'll be sure to tell everyone else involved about your lovely review!Thank you!