Friday, October 27, 2017

I wish you lonely, Morrissey -Review

Review of single- ‘I Wish You Lonely’
By -                      Morrissey 
Released -           25th October 17 

Having been a devoted and unwavering fan of The Smiths and then Morrissey for over 30 years,  it was with very great excitement when I heard the news that he was going to be part of BBC6 Live Music Sessions earlier this month, including playing tracks from his forthcoming album. 

All kinds of reminders were set including social media notifications and on the tv so that I could listen to the live broadcast as it happened. Later that day I nearly rubbed the colour off the red button on my remote control as I continually checked until it was finally available to watch and not just listen to on BBC’s I-Player 

So, about this single in particular, well ‘I Wish You Lonely’ is the second song released from the album and along with the first single ‘Spent The Day In Bed’, it was performed live by Morrissey during the recent BBC music session.

When asked is there a theme running through the album,  Morrissey said “a rage in the blood, plus endless hooks” and ‘I Wish You Lonely’ definitely displays this. Never one to shy away from political and social issues or commentary on the general current climate, these are once again raised in this song with lyrics such as 
“Tombs are full of fools 
Who gave their life upon command
Of monarchy, oligarch, head of state, potentate…”

We are wished to think of ourselves only, selfishness as a self preservation tool….existentially to think FOR ourselves 

The sound is more rocky and the inclusion of synth provides a wonderful extra element to the music and makes for an instantly catchy tune.

It's been a long three years since Morrissey released his last album and going by the songs I've heard from it so far, including the two singles and the interestingly titled ‘When You Open Your Legs’ I for one think it's going to have been worth the wait.

The album Low In High School is released 17th November. Not that I need it, but I've set myself a reminder for that day.

Belinda Bekki-Winter

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