Sunday, September 10, 2017

Preview - And Then There Were None - Royalty Theatre


Helen Bowie  
(picture credit Royalty Theatre)
The Royalty Theatre will open their 2017/18 season with a production of the Agatha Christie hit And Then There Were None.

The mystery thriller by the world’s bestselling author (which was recently made into a BBC mini-series starring Charles Dance, Miranda Richardson, and Aiden Turner) follows a group of strangers invited to stay at a house on a remote island.  Each is revealed to have a dark secret buried in their past – but when the guests begin to die one-by-one in mysterious circumstances, it becomes clear that the murderer may be one of them.

Director Billy Towers says, “And Then There Were None is a classic Agatha Christie thriller. Although first published as a novel in 1934, the passage of time has not dimmed its suspense, mystery or the brilliantly drawn characters which make for a great thriller. It’s a tremendous example of the thriller genre at its best, and one I can confidently call it a timeless classic.”

The play features a large cast, including Helen Bowie as Vera Claythorne, James Errington as Philip Lombard and Andrew Barella as Justice Lawrence Wargrave. 

And Then There Were None runs from 18th to 23rd September.
Tickets can be booked via or on 0333 666 3366.

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