Friday, May 12, 2017

More Light -Review- Peoples Theatre

More Light
People's Theatre
9th May 2017

The new auditorium of this great theatre was buzzing with excitement for the production of More Light by Bryony Lavery.
The Theatre has gone through a huge transformation in recent times, and has created a fantastic light open area for people to congregate in before the show.

The show has a very oriental feel to it and hmm what to say about it??

The play takes us through an emotional journey with More Light and the other girls, as they find themselves in the inner tomb of the emperor without food and no leader.
They have the finest people in the next part of the tomb who are all dead before the end of the first half
This play is a group of ladies journey of self discovery!! After eating and killing all the men of course.
The cast is very big one for a People's Theatre Production and the lines are shared around greatly around the cast but some outstanding performances especially by Sarah Jo. Harrison who played More Light  exceptionally well and created an atmosphere from the start and has a startling shriek that wakes up the room.
The eerie silence is creepy and I was waiting for someone to say something for a bit too long but it did create a great atmosphere in the room.
This show you could say is a feminists wet dream. cannibalism and women fighting back and showing men what for, is technically what the play is about but it's also about the ladies finding themselves and creating a life which they find fulfilling.
Another few performances that deserve a mention are Sarah Scott who plays Pure Joy, Emma Jane Richards who plays Love mouth and Eileen Davidson who plays Many Treasures, these 3 help build a great story and bridge the gap between all the characters.
The male roles and there is only one really and he was played by David Parker fantastically and really brought his character to life.
The ending of the play is a bit to sudden and doesn't quite work for me but its a great play and I enjoyed it thoroughly and The Peoples Theatre Productions keep getting better.

Playing until Sat 13th May

Reuben Hiles

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