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Antigone -Review- Peoples Theatre

Antigone – People's Theatre- 14 February 2017 

So the stage was set, there was not much props and scenery but the stage was set!

The Chorus, (which was portrayed amazingly well by Sue Hinton) was a massive monologue to start the play off, gave the public an idea of the story that would be told.

Antigone is a play about families, love and rebellion, it follows Antigone played fantastically by Ellie North (who I feel gave one of the performances of the night), Antigone goes on her travels to bury her brother who has been killed by her uncle and arrives back early in morning.

The Nurse (played by the delightful Eileen Davidson who was just fantastic and if Downton Abbey was still on TV she could definitely get on that showis asking questions and trying to find out where Antigone has been that night.

But Nurse isn't the only one that wants to know where Antigone has beenIsmene (played by Ruth Gibson) also is pushing the truth buttons…Antigone at this stage confesses what she has been up to.

Antigone is in love with Haemon (played by David Parker) his father is Antigone's uncle who also got her brother killed.

Other people in the play that deserve a mention are the guards played by Sean Burnside, Patrick Robertson and Ricky Harris.

The Messenger was played Gavin Mills and Eurydice was played by Frances Holland.

Page is played by either John Jenner or Jem Etherington.

But the stand out performance for me was the portrayal of Creon,( Antigone's uncle) the exchange between Antigone and Creon was fantastically done, they did practically the whole of the second half together and you could see that Creon (who was played by Andrew De'Ath and Ellie North) had worked hard to get them chemistry right for this confrontation and this made the play for me and I was hooked.

The lighting and sound was minimal but was used well in time with the story, it very much cast a modern feel to the production.

Directed by Kath Frazer assisted by Kay Worswick.

Until Saturday 18th

Reuben Hiles

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