Friday, January 27, 2017

Preview - The Judas Kiss - Royalty Theatre

The Judas Kiss
Royalty Theatre
6th-11th February 2017

Cast (in order of appearance)
Phoebe Cane - Zoe Tempest
Arthur Wellesley - Richy Lennox-Pétré
Sandy Moffatt - David Armstrong
Robbie Ross - James Errington
Lord Alfred "Bosie" Douglas - Alex Goodchild
Oscar Wilde - Andrew Barella     
Galileo Marconi - Daniel Holliday

Royalty Theatre presents The Judas Kiss by David Hare as their first production of 2017.
The play focuses on Wilde and his relationship with Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas, which in 1895 saw the renowned poet, playwright and author sentenced to two years in prison for gross indecency.   Prior to his arrest, Bosie convinces Wilde to stay in England to fight his ultimately doomed case, against the advice of their level-headed friend Robbie Ross.  On leaving prison, Wilde is re-united with Bosie, a move which could prove equally disastrous.
Director John Appleton says “This play shows us a side of the Wilde story that many have not heard before.  We know about his imprisonment, but not so much about the humanity of the story – the love, the hurt, the betrayal.  The Judas Kiss captures that magnificently, and importantly, casts LGBT lifestyles in a very human and natural light.  In this respect our production is timely, with February being LGBT history month, and 2017 being the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK”.

The play stars Royalty regular Andrew Barella as Wilde, with Youth Academy graduates Alex Goodchild and James Errington as Bosie and Robbie Ross respectively.
Performances run from the 6th to the 11th of February. Tickets are just £8 (£6.50 concessions) and can be purchased in advance online or in person at the box office. Information on box office opening times and links to the online purchasing can be found here.

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