Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Jack and The Beanstalk - Peoples Theatre - Review

Jack and The Beanstalk
13th of December 2016  

The People's has recently gone through a makeover and the foyer is now more open and light which is a good thing. It's a work in progress but the signs are good.

So it’s Panto season (oh no it isn’t? Oh yes it is!) and thankfully it's behind me after I write this.
The show is based on the fairy-tale of Jack and the Beanstalk written by Philip Meeks. Fairy Alfalfa played by Rhiannon Wilson bounces onto the stage along with Sprout played by Daniel Magee (who did a fantastic welsh accent if I do say so myself) to give us the background to the story. We then meet Jack Trott played by Joe Robson, he has a friend called Simon the Pieman (have a guess what he makes?!) played by Nathan Hussain. Jack’s mother Nelly Trott was played by the Delightful Steve Robertson and his frocks were good (Spike wants them back when the show is finished!!)
The annoying and bratty Princess Mercedes was played by Alicia Lambert, and her older brother Prince Marmaduke by Stephen Waller who had a fantastic voice. The baddies Lord Fester and Lady Fangaria Fleshcreep were played by Craig Fairburn and Sara Jo Harrison who together did an amazing version of Bad by Michael Jackson.
Myrtle, The Giants Housekeeper. who we meet at the second act has a big secret (it brings the EastEnders intro out). The voice of Giant Bonecrunch was Ricky Alexander Shaw and there was a small part for Barbara Edmundson as the Princess's Maid.

This Panto had many bad puns and jokes within the script - most of them were terrible but that’s panto for you! (edit:oh yes it is! DS)  There was even a dancing cow (played by Laura and Jo Blackett).

The lighting was great and some of the songs were amazing but unfortunately a lot of the songs/singers were let down by the sound. The music was pre recorded and put through a computer and was set a bit too loud for some of the singers and it didn’t help that some of the soloists struggled to perform tonight. Hopefully the sound can be sorted out for other performances.

The Main cast where supported by a small chorus, Irish dancers from Clann Na Ngael Irish Dance Academy and a team of juniors and babes (I think it was Team B tonight). They all performed really well and added that cute factor to the performance.

This show is Great for kids (big kids and little kids) and adults as well. There is even the traditional sing-along song. Hopefully they will sort out the sound but if you like panto its got everything you'd expect and more. 

Jack and the Beanstalk plays until Sat 18th Dec - tickets can be booked via the website

Reuben Hiles

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