Friday, November 11, 2016

Sticking - Alphabetti Theatre - Review

Alphabetti Theatre
10th Nov 2016

Matt Miller's Sticking is a tale told in music - 12 songs, six people, one term at university. The songs are a hook to hang his experience on. They punctuate the story alongside aposite snippets from his history lectures.

His story takes us from the car journey with his dad, the arrival and claiming of his student room to the end of term. We meet his friends - new people who are firm friends after just 24 hours and we live through those days and weeks of trying to fit in. The uncertainty of being in a place where no-one knows you and realising you can be whoever you want to be, but not knowing quite who that is. He invents and reinvents himself to try to fit into this new world; caught like the sticking point on a vinyl.

He tries everything that is new, some of it he likes, some of it he's not sure about but he tries it any way. One thing that he does like is a girl. She makes his insides bubble. We all know that feeling. And we know the song that goes with it. We also know the song for crossing a line, going too far. Not being able to go back.

This is the story of the start of self discovery - half way through there is the pivot point - when he realises that he wants to be more than he is, more than a person trying to fit in, and that he can be more but that this is not the way for him, he has to get past the sticking point. By the end, he is beginning to know himself, but his journey is just beginning.

This is an emtional, joyful and intense performance. Performed in the small space at Alphabetti, with minimal staging, and bold lighting. It is intimate. Matt talks to the audience, moving forward to be just a foot or two away from the front row, making eye contact with members of the audience. We were in the front row - the intensity of his stare is un-nerving! He is full of energy and emotion, you can feel it pent up and simmering beneath the surface, then bursting out in excitement and anger and confusion.

Twelve songs. Six people (well seven people). One term. Lots of firsts. Some lasts.
We all have a history and we all have songs that evoke the memories and remind us of our journey.
It is a joy to listen and watch as Matt explores this short but pivotal piece of his history.

The last show is on Saturday, followed by an after show party - you're invited to suggest a tune for the playlist .

This is a pay what you feel performance but reserve your seat in advance because it is a small venue and you wouldn't want to miss out!
Book tickets here.

Denise Sparrowhawk

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