Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jumpy - People's Theatre - Review

Jumpy by April de Angelis  
People's Theatre Newcastle  
14th June 2016

So…  I just saw this funny comedy which reminded me of my youth and reminded me about the future all in one show.
12 years ago I was 16 the same age as Tilly (Amy Herdman)  in 12 years I'll be 40 which is the age of Hilary (played by the brilliant Rye Mattick). The relationship between these characters is a lot like my mother's and my sister's when they were younger - I remember incidents like this between them.
Hilary is married to Mark they are going "through the motions" as Hilary would say, staying together for Tilly, Mark is played by the talented Mark Burden.
What do most young people fight about with their parents? Who they are dating!! Tilly is dating Josh, played to perfection by Joe Robson as a 16 year old who thinks with his dick. Hilary catches the two of them bunking off school and she isn’t very pleased. She goes to see Josh’s parents (#whatdidyoudothatfor) and we are introduced to Roland (Colin Jeffery) and Bea (Sharon Lamont) whose relationship is practically finished. Roland talks about the adventures he wanted to take his son on (which sounds something my dad would have said to me) and Bea is just enjoying her life.
Why is Hilary is a tad scared about Tilly and Josh, you ask? Answer: Lyndsey (Rhiannon Wilson) who is 16 and pregnant. Hilary doesn’t want Tilly to go down that road. Throw into the mix Frances, Hilary’s best friend and confidant who I have to say is a very attractive older lady.

Roland is freed from his hell of a relationship and starts to have feelings for Hilary. Hilary tries to fight similar feelings for Roland #fighthilary.  Roland, Hilary, Mark, Tilly, Josh and Frances all go on holiday together to and are having a great time until it inevitably it all blows up. 

In the 2nd half we find out some important news about Tilly and Josh - it seems like good news at first but after a while it becomes clear that it was not so good.
Roland and Hilary are now free to be together but both are still trying to fight the feelings. By the middle of the second act Josh is no more and we meet Cam (Nathan Hussain) who also falls for Hilary. The feeling is mutual...but what will happen? For that you will have to come and see the play! Suffice to say there is a  bouquet of flowers and it does not end well...Now all men know that if women don’t talk its hell, if it’s a mother and daughter it's even worse (just ask my father) but thankfully, this story does have a happy ending and that’s all I’m saying!

The set changes were amazing and the crew need as much credit as anyone, I’m not going to spoil it but its Wheelie good !! (I crack myself up sometimes!)
The songs that they use are funny as well with songs like Shake it Off, Let it Go and for you old people out there Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye which I was miming along to.

If you’re a parent bring your (teenage) kids along so they can see your point of view and if you’re a youngster bring your parents so they can see it through your eyes if your neither just come for the fun and laughter that you will get from this amazing play!! 

Reuben Hiles

When our reviewer says parents bring your kids he means your teenage offspring - we wouldn't recommend this for littlies! (Duly edited!) DS


  1. 'For you old people'? Really? Alienating anyone over thirty who's reading the review is not a tactic I've ever tried.

  2. I didnt take any offence at myself being an old person, was written with deft humour..
    Those that want to take offence, should take the gate instead..

  3. Man...I remember my friend playing Marvin at full blast at college and singing along ...when the college chaplain came to call unannounced. Oops! That was well over 30 years ago, so I am pretty old. To the young, anyone over thirty always seems ancient...but we are usually pretty good humoured about it. Age brings its own rewards - including indulgent tolerance of youthful ageist humour. :-)