Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sister Act-#review- Theatre Royal Newcastle

Sister Act
Theatre Royal
Newcastle Upon Tyne Musical Theatre Company
21st July 2015

The Theatre Royal! To review a show here is a reviewer’s paradise and I got the honour to review Sister Act for The Newcastle Upon Tyne Musical Theatre Company and OMG (forgive me lord !!) it was truly fabulous.

Sister Act (the film) for me was Whoopi Goldberg, but I think I've been won over with this musical by some great singing and some great mishaps.

So let's crack on ...Deloris Van Cartier played by the amazing Lauren Gordon (who has a voice that can make you pay attention), fancies Curtis-the mobster (played by the great Leon Gill) but he kills his chauffer, unbeknown that Deloris has watched the whole thing. The killing, which for me gave us the comical moment when it didn't go quite to plan. Leon is quite adapt to a bit of improv, so the BANG he has to utter, when the gun sound affect didn’t work, was amusing and caused a little bit of a titter through the whole audience.

Deloris ends up in the convent run by the Mother Superior played by the fantastic Helen Cash, where she is introduced to Sister Mary Robert played by Angela Lawery (who has a very beautiful and powerful voice) and Sister Mary Patrick played by Sarah Wales, and the ageing rapping Sister Mary Lazarus who brought the comedy in the songs.

Deloris is being protected by sweaty Eddie the man who has fancied her since high school played by one of the most powerful male voices in show Simon Pinkney.
But trouble is round the corner in the form of TJ, Joey and Pablo played by Ty Roach Thompson, Dan Greener and Andy Ewart respectively trying to kill Deloris, after being instructed to do so by Curtis... but first of all they have to find her which could be the hard thing!

In the convent Deloris gets given the task of being, then heading up the choir which goes better than expected for everyone but this gives everyone problems, including Deloris and Eddie (who frantically wants her to stay out of sight- out of mind) but the best thing about the first half was Monsignor O'Hara played by Noel Harris who reminded me of SpikeMike with his dancing skills (Sorry Noel!!)

The nuns start the second half, with lots of glitter and glamour and they get to practice to perform for the Pope, but this gives Curtis and his minions their chance to find where Deloris is, not before she is exposed to her sisters as being a wayward woman on the run.. Deloris has to leave the convent, much to the sorrow of the girls but to the joy of the Mother Superior..

Deloris returns, after a thoughtful night, to help her sisters sing for the Pope (played by Phillip Stockley he is also the production manager). All hell ensues with ninja nuns (and I even saw my friend Joe Costigan do cartwheels!!.I thought I was dreaming) but who would save the day none other than Eddie (Go Eddie).

The finale was a glitz fest with lots of things to fix your eyes on including the massive Jesus statue which if I had the room I would definitely take it when the show finishes!
The show for me was brilliant from start to finish and will definitely be able to give the west end a run for its money with this production with special credit going to Director/Choreographer Sandra Laidler and Musical Director Michael Lamb.

You should get your body down to this show and party with the sisters of Newcastle Upon Tyne Musical Theatre Company.

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