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Waiting For Gateaux -#Review- South Shields Custom House - 10 June 2015

Waiting For Gateaux 
South Shields Customs House
 10 June 2015

After coming to the customs house I had a good idea that this show was gonna be good but this show was slightly disappointing for me...and not for the reason that you would think!
The Customs House is a great theatre but for this performance it was half full! (I was the only one in my row) which I felt let this great show down.

Written by Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood (Dirty Dusting) Directed and Produced by Gareth Hunter who owns ION Productions and Co Directed by Christina Berriman Dawson who also plays Sophie (The Skinny Bitch ).

Waiting for Gateaux is based in a small run down tin hut on a profitable piece of land home to 'Mo tivation Slimming Club'.
This play focuses on five fantastically written characters Donald, Maureen, Jackie and Raven... all have different reasons for being at the club and not really for losing weight.
Donald played by Paul Dunn fancies Maureen, played by the delightful Philippa Lyall. Then there's Jackie the comfort eating dieter, played by Laura Lonsdale, her sister Raven, played by the gothic looking Sarah Boulter- who obviously did her research as she made a great Goth!
Then there's Sophie who the guys think is here to film a TV show but it's not all as it seems!
The club is dealt a blow before the interval, with the arrival of a developer... what's going to happen! Will they help it survive or should they call it a day?

The second half begins with the lights out and the electricity not working and it snowing outside. The gang decide what they are planning to do about the closure, will they stay and fight for the club or let the clip board real estate big wigs have it.

But the ending has a nice twist but you'll have to come and see it to find out !!

Overall the show was funny witty and had some clever puns in it but I still feel that the atmosphere was lost with the seating arrangements, but the show is definitely worth the money so go and see it.

Reuben Hiles

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