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The Morning After - The Witty Fools -#review- Westovian Theatre June 26th 2015

The Morning After - The Witty Fools - Westovian Theatre June 26th 2015

The Westovian Theatre is a funky theatre with lots of quirky features built into it.

But onto the show! This is the first Production of The Witty Fools which is a great name for this group of people and I can only see them getting better and better as time goes on.

Written by Rachael Walsh (who also plays Ashley) and directed by James Barton this show is one of the funniest shows I've seen this year.

Imagine waking up after one hell of a night and not remembering a thing about yesterday! (I do this most days with the help of alcohol) Ben played by Craig  Fairbairn wakes up next to Ashley and they can't remember a thing !
Ben admits he has a girlfriend called Anna, She is coming over to meet the parents and she arrives bang smack on time for her (three minutes early) both girls meet, Ben spins a lie that Ashley is called Hannah and only his sibling sister.
Before she can't meet the parents Anna (Amy Foley) leaves, now I'll warn you this may get tricky but try and keep up.
When Ben's parents come he introduces Hannah also known as Ashley as his girlfriend Anna then his brother Charlie (who met Ashley last night) comes in and is introduced to Benss girlfriend Anna. (You keeping up?)
Then the chaos ensures until just before the interval when Anna (The real girlfriend) comes back.

The second half starts where the 1st half left off, you are just wandering what is going to happen to Ben and Anna (the real one) and will the parents played by Patricia Whale and Mark Lamb find out.
Charlie is on hand to save the day literally and adopts Anna (Bens real girlfriend) to fool his parents.

Flashbacks help us fill in the gaps with brilliant lighting changes and there is even a right up to date selfie moment.
The character that defined the show was Charlie (Who lives in a caravan by the sea) played by the fantastic David John Hopper,his comical timing was amazing and if there was a part written for him this was it!!

The show is definitely one to go and see because these fools are witty (see what I did there!)  and this show will make you laugh out loud.
The Witty Fools have dedicated this show in memory of Jackie Fielding who sadly passed away suddenly while performing at the Customs House and I definitely think she would be extremely proud of the guys with this show. 

Reuben Hiles

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