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Live Theatre June - December Season Launch -Preview-

Live Theatre June - December  Season Launch
19th May 2015

Newcastle has many great theatre's and the Live theatre is no exception to this!

I was asked to go along to hear about what is happening in June to December summer  autumn and winter season.

Let's start with one of the best known writers that this country has and for once he's a bonafide Geordie (He went to Benfield School in Walker) Mr Lee Hall (Pitman Painters, Billy Elliot, Cooking with Elvis).
He comes back to Newcastle with his brand new adaptation of Alan Warners The Sopranos called Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour Directed by Vicky Featherstone (NTS) which as a writer I am looking forward to seeing..but first off it tours Scotland and If you are going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival it's also on there (18th - 30th August). It comes to Live between Thursday 1st to Saturday 24th of October and it's gritty and has singing involved as well!
And it has a full cast of girls which is a credit to the team!

Rendezvous which starts next week  (28th of May - 6th of June) is five short plays that are based on the life and work of Julia Darling and they are shows that you do not want to miss!!

And coming back for an extended run from thursday the 12th to Saturday the 21st is The Day of the Flymo which I ha the privilege to see on it's original run in April written by award winning writer Paddy Campbell (Wet House) this show has funny and heart wrenching parts intertwined and it has some fantastic young actors in it Tezney Mulroy, Kalem Patterson and Sophie Pitches all have been selected through their involvement in Live Theatre's Youth Theatre. Paddy starting off his carreer after doing the playwright course at a great testament to them and all who he aspires.
That brings me nicely on to Live Lab on June 7th is their 10 Minutes To Make a Memory and keep your diary open for November 1st which will be the next '10 Minutes To' which has the theme Light The Fuse !! but in-between these two events is Red is the New Blue which is written and performed by Rowan McCabe, Matt Miller and Matilda Neill and after hearing a snippet of it the piece looks like it's going to be good. Based on the reality TV show where they are going to send people to Mars forever (If any TV producers look at this I could give you a good person to send-Justin Beiber) It focuses on the people going and the people staying on earth...once they leave they ain't coming back! Red is the New Blue is on the 23rd and 24th of June in the studio theatre.

Live Theatre do something that most wouldn't dare do !! For two weeks yes two whole weeks they invite young people in and let them go wild all under the watchful eye of Rachel Glover (drama worker), they have performances between the 6th and the 9th of August with some short plays (Big Talk, Small Talk 6th August ),  11 Plus which is directed by Paul James (Day of the Flymo) and Assisted by Rachel Glover Curated by Laura Lindow who will be assisted by Lee Mattison which takes place on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th  but on those two days you also can go and see Your Aunt Fanny the Live Theatres All female group before they head off to Edinburgh, last of these shows is Invisible Theatre which is hard to talk about because frankly nobody knows what it will be about! It will be on Sunday the 9th of August.

If you have been in the area of Live Theatre you may have noticed a building being built this is Live Works the new 10 Million space complete with outdoor stage and offices and when it's sunny (when being the word) there will be places for outside performances but the first event that this building will be hosting is Fun Palaces which is a free event where local people can and enjoy themselves and have fun so on October 3rd and 4th why not pop along ?

Live Theatre once again has got a fantastic line up once again with something for why not come and enjoy yourself, and see some of the best theatre in the North East.

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