Monday, May 25, 2015

Apples Is Apples NAGAS-film screening- Newcastle Castle Keep

Apples Is Apples.
Chilli Studios 

Castle Keep.
May 21st 2015

The picture to your right is a bit of a cheek when it comes to me... I wasn't actually invited, I blagged one.
I was searching Facebook and the almighty WWW for juicy tit bits for me and my lovely Spikemike minions to attend and publish to the world whatever artistic flair holds within it.

Upon coming across this event I was immediately struck by the wonderful words, stories and hope from this profit free organisation. Definately something that I wanted to get my teeth into.

Newcastle and Gateshead Art Studios (NAGAS) based in The Blackfriars Centre on Newbridge Street (Ouseburn area) are to coin a phrase from themselves 'provides an innovative range of creative based services that are directed at improving and enhancing the quality of life, health and social integration of its members.. a creative service for adults who are experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, diagnosed mental health problems and other forms of social exclusion'.... well this certainly bore its fruits when I met the founder Bob Malpiedi and his team. His passion for this cause is overwhelming. The down to earth approach affixed to the users at Chilli again came solidly shining through with the screening of Andrew Wilson's portrayal 'Apples Is Apples' 

This film, for me anyways, throws away the deep dark clouds that are associated with depression and mental health, it puts a lovely warm and cuddly silver sheen on it. 
Filmed, yes to highlight NAGAS, but this is all about the characters, warm, funny, inventive souls that have massively benifited from this service.
The film had the invited crowd laughing, sighing and clapping along.. did it feel strange laughing along to people with mental health problems?  Not at all we were laughing with them, the Apples Is Apples trailer that I have hopefully embeded correctly will show you this.
The film in time will be getting released on dvd and password protected link through their website..

A brilliant brilliant hours worth of social documentary.
I have been really inspired by the whole ethos of NAGAS and I will certainly be paying them a visit to offer my thanks/help.
Why dont you do the same..?? 
 I certainly wish I had of known about it, when I was was experiencing a few difficulties a few years ago
NAGAS and Chilli Studios are a registered charity (1116957) and donations are extremely welcomed..please have a look on HERE for contact/email details..

Michael Hunter

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