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Day of the Flymo -Review- Live Theatre

Day of the Flymo

Live Theatre Newcastle
9th April 2015

Paddy Campbell is an award winning playwright who's previous pieces include Dial a Mate, Home Help, The Potting Pelaw Python amongst others, but it was the award winning Wet House which was named as one of the Guardians Top 10 plays of 2013.

So Day of The Flymo is a great piece full of fun and laughter, it stems from Paddy's background from working in a children's home for the last 8 years.This can be seen and demonstrated within the play when talking to the audience about what is happening as they don't mention names only letters so Liam is L.

So why not start with Liam he is a cheeky 13 year old played by the amazingly talented Kalem Patterson who for all intense and purposes hasn't had the best start in life...his father has been in and out of prison more times than Liam has had a shower..thrown out of regular school he has to go to as he calls it "Spacker School" where they only "play snap and make bird tables"!!!

Next is Becca played by the talented Tezney Mulroy, Becca is Liam's older half sister (same mother different fathers ), she is the glue holding her family together in the early parts of the show while her mum Karen played by ex Live Youth Theatre member Jill Dellow who's character has kind of given up after having Liam taking into care after getting beaten up by his dad.

Then there's Clara played by another talented young actor Sophie Pitches she has an unknown history in the play but as the play goes on we see that Liam and Clara aren't really that different at all.

Last but not least there is Ben played by Akemnji Ndifornyen who is the families social worker who is trying his upmost to keep Liam within his home but Liam doesn't make it easy or does Karen for that matter.

The play is set on one stage and Ben is used to great effect to tell the story through social services viewpoint giving the audience the low down on what has happened in between scenes but without giving anything away to the audience, lighting wise it was used to perfection, with lighting used to highlight areas of the stage that the characters where using and nothing else.

This play is truly gripping from start to end and I have to say that I could have watched it for another half an hour and still not have been bored! So if you have seen Wet House or even if you haven't I really believe that you  should definitely go and see Day of the Flymo which is on at the Live Theatre until Saturday 11th of April 2015, you would be daft to miss a fantastic show like this one!!

£14-£ 10 normal tickets
£12-£10 over 60 concessions
£5 other concessions

Show Times -
Friday and Saturday night - 7.30pm
Saturday Matinee - 2pm

Reuben Hiles

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