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Alphabetti Spaghetti Opening Night Saturday 7th March 2015

Alphabetti Spaghetti Opening Night  Saturday 7th March 2015

It will probably seem to most people that Alphabetti Spaghetti has been around for about 10 years but it's been about 3 since they took over Upstairs at the Dog and Parrot in Newcastle upon Tyne, but this was the start of a brand new era!

The team have recently converted a unused basement into a cool, funky place for some of the North East's growing theatre talent that has been acquired in recent years and is growing.

The space is truly amazing with all the aspects of a basement with the low ceilings and stony floors which make this a great underground venue.

Ali Pritchard the creative director and his team have done a great job with getting the place to a state that people can actually start using the place which was really down to some great people who donated their hard earned cash.

The night started off with Will Stone who sang a collection of original acoustic pieces that took you to another dimension. He finished off with an accapello song which had my hairs standing on edge.

After this, poetry which was amazingly funny and kept the crowd highly entertained, then there was  puppetry by 4Ms who did it totally off the cuff and were amazing.Lastly there was some more great acoustic music again.
The night was fun night and it will only be the start of this new adventure for Alphabetti Spaghetti Theatre Company, they have events coming up which will give opportunities tohear some new theatre and spoken pieces in their infancy!

So why not check their Facebook @alphabettitheatre, Twitter @alphabetti

And before I forget the new venue is situated within 16 New Bridge Street West underneath Makers Space and right next to the NCP car park.

Come and check it out !!

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