Friday, October 17, 2014

Good Timin' - Review - Live Theatre

Good Timin'
Live Theatre
16th Oct 2014

Good Timin' is the story of one man's search for another man. Actually it's more of a one and a half man show, with Finn Burridge appearing as the young Ian McLaughlin.

It is presented with some clever jiggery-pokery from the techie guys with the lights and a projector or two, a good spattering of some classic tunes and a selection of comedy sound effects from the sound guys. 
And - and this is important - a bit of help from The Doctor. Yes, that Doctor, starting with William Hartnell and working his way through the decades to Peter Capaldi, with a good dose of Tom Baker.
This is Ian Mclaughlin's show about growing up fatherless, and his eventual discovery of the real man behind the fable.  A man sets out to discover his father and along the way finds himself too. It is clever, and funny and incredibly poignant. As good comedy should be - based in truth. This is not just a funny story, this is Ian McLaughlin's own story. There are a lot of laughs, a lot of interesting sciencey stuff about nurture and nature and more than a touch of sadness.
Good Timin' runs till the 25th Oct. It is well worth an hour and ten of anyone's time.

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