Friday, December 13, 2013

Peter Pan - Review -People's Theatre

Peter Pan
People's Theatre
10th Dec 2013

I know it hardly seems two shakes of a fairy dust sprinkler since the last time but, it's panto season again - oh yes! It is!
The People's Theatre production of Peter Pan gets us off to a flying start, with everything you could wish for in a Panto: mermaids, Lost Boys, Indian Braves, fairies, pirates, heroes, villains and a bloke in a in a frock...

Introduced by the marvelous Moira Valentine as Ethel Mermaid the panto starts as it means to go on - with fishy puns galore. You know the plot - Peter and the Lost Boys find a mother in Wendy, Capt Hook tries his dastardly best to be as bad as he can be, and Peter saves the day - I don't think I'm giving anything away by telling you all that!
The set is fabulous - with a pirate ship that glides on stage for the pirate scenes and brilliant lighting for changes in atmosphere.  Capt hook (Roger Liddle) is such a good baddy he had the audience booing before he had even finished his first line. Now that is a bad baddy! And as always with a panto, the audience is as iimportant as those on stage - if they aren't carried along then the panto won't work, and Craig Fairbairn and Steve Robertson, as Mr Smee and Pirate Sadie (the bloke in a frock) did a brilliant job keeping the audience involved - you know you are doing well when the 8 year olds in the audience are heckling you and suggesting your next line!

Great singing, dancing and joking all night  and a Titanic "King of the World" moment, which is to die for.Brownie points awarded for the library joke (yes, i know i am biased) and to the costume department for finally proving that there is a use for the ubiquitous onesie!

Brilliant as always, Peter Pan runs until the 15th Dec.

Denise Sparrowhawk

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