Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'll Be Back Before Midnight -Review- Westovian Theatre

I'll Be Back Before Midnight
12th November 2012

Following a nervous breakdown Jan is brought to an isolated farmhouse by her husband Greg – ostensibly to complete her recovery. But unsettling things start to happen as soon as they arrive. First, Greg’s sister Laura, with whom he seems to have an unnaturally close relationship arrives. There is also George, the slightly demented old farmer who lives nearby. A nightmare series of frightening occurrences results in a thrilling and heart-stopping ending!

With all of the ghouls and ghostly happenings that was Halloween a few weeks ago, you would think that the Westovians would ease us into the dark cold nights with something funny, maybe something fruity. Not so, right from the off with the lights low, the eeriness of the set, and the characters that play upon it, were set out to scare and make us sit on the edge of our seats.
Set in the living room of the farmhouse, with the colours dark and gothic you definitely got a feel of coldness and something about to happen, so great marks to the technical team for bringing this illusion, the lights and sound were very good.
With all of the action taking place in the same set, the actors were always the main focus of the play, with great scenes of mental psychology, tussles and some great jumpy moments that had the audience saying all of the 'oooahs'and 'aaaahs'
James Barton (Greg) played the husband and brother figure with great ease, his final scenes were very well acted and scary.
Paul Dunn (George) playing the strange and funnily scary farmer, was very instrumental with his interaction with all on stage, a really good showing from him.
Laura Pigford (Jan), played a great part in this play but I sensed a little nervousness especially with her flow of words in the first half..she did warm up and pick herself up in the second, which was great to see.
Megan Wright (Laura) played with great style the wicked manipulative sister(in law) who used her acting skills to the best of her vantage.
I'll Be Back...is a scary, interesting, well acted play, with smidgens of humour thrown in.
Produced by Carrie Wilson, Directed by Peter Dawson
Well worth the entrance fee.

I'll Be Back Before Midnight is playing until Sat 12th November

Michael Hunter

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