Monday, November 7, 2011

Mad, Bad and Dangerous - Review- Customs House

Mad, Bad and Dangerous 
The MsFits Theatre Company
Customs House
November 4 2011

Award winning actress Fiona Knowles, delivered a splendid performance, with her one woman show (written by award winning playwright Rona Munroe) 'Mad Bad and Dangerous'.
Fiona played the parts of  May, the 'ill at ease' grandmother, landed with the task of babysitting her 'devil-child' granddaughter Matti - a role she also played. The third and final part was May's good friend and neighbour Mia.
Mia was a funny one; maybe a bit strange, maybe dangerous, only coming out at night, never during the day.
May and Matti's realtionship was very fractious. This was very well acted out by Knowles, with the old and the young coming to a head on just about every conversation, something that myself and (I am sure) the rest of the audience could very well relate to.
May and Mia's relationship also took a tumble, when the neighbour took a intuitive dislike to Matti (this would be explained during the course of the play). This again was played out to the crowd very well.
It is never easy playing multiple characters in a solo show, but Knowle carried this out very well, with some great costume changes,, that portrayed her characters in a great light. The changes all done on stage came with a great soundtrack of 'what will come next' atmospheric music and sounds.
Solo shows with this much detail and changes within them, can either be a hit or a miss, I am glad to say that this time around it certainly hit the spot.
Mad Bad and Dangerous is a funny, little sad but uplifting play that focuses on relationship across the divide.
If you get a chance to see it, then you will see why Fiona (and Rona) have awards on their mantlepieces.

Michael Hunter

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