Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nicholas Nickleby Parts 1 and 2 -Preview- People's Theatre

Nicholas Nickleby Parts 1 and 2

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd
This epic stage production of Dickens' literary classic tells the story of the eponymous Nicholas and his conflict with his irascible uncle Ralph.  As the drama unfolds, we meet many of the most famous and favourite characters from the novel, including demon schoolmaaster Wackford Squeers and his poor pupil Smike.
Produced in the form of two plays shown on alternate nights, Nicholas Nickelby will have an extended run including two Saturdays.  With nearly a hundred characters played by over a dozen actors, this wonderful mixture of comedy, tragedy and social comment makes an excellent showcase for both the People's Theatre in its centenary year, and for Dickens' own forthcoming bicentenary in 2012.

Performance Times:
Saturday 15th Part1 at 2.30pm/Part2 at 7.30pm
Sunday 16th and Monday 17th No performance
Tues 18th at 7.30 Part1
Wed 19th at 7.30 Part2
Thur 20th at 7.30 Part1
Fri 21st at 7.30 Part2
Sat 22nd Part1 at 2.30pm/Part2 at 7.30pm

The People's Theatre 

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