Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Boldon 'School Will Rock You' -Review- Boldon School

'We Will Rock You'
Starset Theatre
Boldon School
19 July 2011

Can you ever imagine a world, a place without music. In 1976 'Rush' the Canadian Rock band created a platinum status album called '2112'. In this era, music and sound have been eradicated. This has been one of my occurring nightmares..I am glad, that if this is the way in 101 years, I wont be around.

Ben Elton and two members of Queen must be Rush fans if you ask me. 'We Will Rock You' the musical tells the story of  Earth(or as it is then 'Planet Mall' controlled by the Globalsoft Corporation) in 300 years time. Mainstream Music is the way. X factor, Pop Idol, and a very old Simon Cowell rule the roost. Kids are clones of each other (GA GA kids), wearing the same clothes and selecting hit after hit of commercialised pap. Music as we know it now is outlawed. No guitars, no drums...Mr Fredrick Mercury would be turning in his grave!
Galileo (brilliantly acted and sung by Richard Delroy) a non conformist to the generation, dreams of all of these songs and words, but isn't able to piece together what they mean. He is captured by Khashoggi (Nina Foggin), head of the Globalsoft police force, who also has in her sights another upstart to deal with in the form of a young Bohemian follower Scaramouche (the superb Zoe Henson). Killer Queen (Victoria Woodward) head of Globalsoft has heard of the prophecy that musical instruments are hidden in the 'place of living rock' and aims to stamp out the dissent.
Emma Hunter (My Daughter), slap bang in the middle of the front row, did me proud, her first performance was brilliant.
A rebellion faction of Bohemians in the underground believe that a dreamer is out there to show them the light. Head of them is Britney Spears (played by the talented Jamie Douglass) assisted by Meat (Beth Duncan). They capture Galileo and Scaramouche and take them back to Heartbreak Hotel, the ruins that they call home. Under cautious scrutiny, the band of anarchists (amongst them Charlotte Church, David Bowie and Madonna) realise that they have their man.
In the following non stop action, hearts and minds together form a very tight bond. Voices and music overturn the corporate officialdom and Killer Queen is defeated. A very special rendition of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is the encore to a great night's entertainment.

In short, this is a remarkable play. The majority of the performers on stage have not acted or sung before. The superb back catalogue of Queen including 'Somebody To Love', 'Who Wants To Live Forever' and of course the title of the show 'We Will Rock You' were sung from the heart and will be remembered for a long time to come. Starset have come along and from scratch have made a top show from people who probably couldn't or wouldn't have done this. Top marks again to Elissa Hudson (Director), John Hudson (Musical Director) and Sophie Craggs (Choreographer) for bringing out the sparkle to Boldon.
Rock rules and will never be quiet..!!

A few tickets for Wednesday night are still available from the school.

Michael Hunter


  1. i was one of the teen queens in this :)

  2. richard!!!!!!!!