Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Walk On Part, The Public Review link

A few months ago I applied to become a reviewer for a national online company.
The The Public Reviews set up in 2006 is a collaboration of dedicated volunteer theatre reviewers.
I got a call a few days ago and was asked if I would like to try out for them.
I jumped at the chance! This of course would be a test review, but if good enough for submission would go onto their website.
The play in question was the superb A Walk On Part, at The Live Theatre in Newcastle. I am glad to say that I received great feedback from the regional editor Steve Burbridge regarding my review. A decision as to whether I join their ranks of brilliant reviewers will come in a few days.
As with the policy of TPR any reviews that a contributor makes cannot be posted to their own personal website, till three days after submission. I will be copying and pasting the review here on Sunday 15th, so please come and have a gander.
If you cannot wait till then please feel free to have a look at my review HERE. The review is currently on the first page of the review section of the website.

Michael Hunter

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