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Thoroughly Modern Millie - Review- Jarrow Community Centre.

Thoroughly modern Millie the Model #151 (July ...
Thoroughly Modern Millie
Applause Youth Theatre
Jarrow Community Centre
21 May 2011

Millie Dillmount is in search of love, not money like so many of her 1920's New York persuasion peers. She wants a great job, with a great boss and to have a happy heart. Nothing wrong with that, but what will the hurdles be to prevent her from her goals? Rules of love, social behaviour and a swinging Jazz soundtrack make this a musical must.

Amateur theatre is in my opinion booming at the moment, lots of brilliant venues to choose what to watch from some superb companies. A lot of producers, directors and societies pool together to take advantage of some fantastic facilities in the local community. This not only cuts costs but it is normally the hub of the local area. Applause is such a society, set up in 2001, J.C.C. is their home.
Staged in the main hall of the community centre, Thoroughly Modern Millie bursts into life with song, dance and cracking dialogue. Some brilliant vocals from the youthful ensemble had many of the audience singing along. 'Not for the life of me', 'They don't know', 'Gimme Gimme' and 'Long as I am here with you' were sung superbly along with some fantastic tap dancing from the girls in some great period dress of the time.
Interjected into this tale is one of white slavery, when Millie checks into The Priscilla Hotel, her host is that of the audience hating dragon lady Mrs Meers, superbly played by Frances Woods, her singing and interaction with her hotel helpers Ching Ho (Andrew Thomas) and Bun Foo (Kieron Winter) was very funny and enjoyable.
Millie's love interest Jimmy Smith played by Max Easter had some great scenes to whoo his girlfriend and keep her from the clutches of her boss Trevor Graydon played by Luke McGarey. The lads on stage had to be at their best to compensate for the ratio of the many girls.
Erin Laverick playing Millie was a brilliant success, her singing and acting accompanied with a great band shined through like the dazzling sequins of her dress, a one to watch for the future!

Artistic director and producer Ken Bartley along with choreographer partner Carole and musical director Freda Carney have created a great production that certainly put the community at the heart of their hard work.

Michael Hunter
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