Sunday, April 10, 2011

You, Me and Mrs. Jones -Review- Westovians

This Review was three days before the opening night.

You, Me and Mrs. Jones
10th April 2011

Heroes come and heroes go, maybe your heroes are in your head or your heart. If you were to set out to find some, what would you look for? Could it be the brave or the unselfish. The mysterious Jack has a task for the unemployed duo of Somebody and No One- search for that Hero in the modern world.

The Westovian Youth section have done it again, after last years Totally Over You success they return to the stage with another sure fire winner!
The hard working actors, not only on the stage, but behind the scenes have come up with a great social and heartfelt commentary, written by Tony Horitz, on the world in which we live in.
Set within the back alleys of some-where-or-other, we see the principal characters Somebody and No One down on their heels being propositioned by Jack-who lives in a dustbin- who sees the plight of the world from his rubbish filled home. As taskmaster he issues his command to the pair, who go in search for enlightenment. Many well timed scene changes are undertaken, with great sound, light and graphical interpretations. Meetings along the way included a violent street gang, a cranky religious sect and an out-for-the-money-only pop group. All to some could be heroes in one way or another, but Mrs. Jones - the unlikeliest and modest mother of two children -is our protagonist today.
Great acting by all on stage throughout this short play serves as an example of the work of the Westovians as a whole. Multiple roles cast down to the Youth were executed brilliantly. Annie Cairns as Somebody and Connor Woods as No One-the  principals actors-went about their roles with ease. Jack Errington playing his namesake (as well as playing four other roles) was inventive and solid, his bin man scene was very humourous. The Heroes pop group played by Andrew Dawson, Jessica Bassett and Jack(again) were very bright and colourful. They gigged liked they meant it, but with their ill gotten gains, I wouldn't spend my hard earned money on going to see them. The heroine Mrs Jones played by Jenna Ingoe, put a lot of humility into her part, something for the kids of today to look up to.
Set artwork from Geoff Ramm is of a very high standard, as is the backline sound and lighting supervision by Ian Johnson and Gareth Hunter, the youth under their leadership will have learned a lot.
Producer Ruth Burn has many years of experience on and off the stage, this showed as she has created and shaped a great play.
Peter Dawson-who I last reviewed in Cleadon's Little Theatre production of Laura-in his first Directorship role has done a great job with the actors at his feet. I look forward to his on and off the stage skills in the future.
You, Me and Mrs Jones is a good look at the cross section of society that we are part of. As David Bowie says 'We CAN be Heroes', even if it is just for one day!

Playing from 13th to 16th April at 7.30

Michael Hunter

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