Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Katherine Howard -Review- Little Theatre

 Ok...another guest reviewer, this time Lisa Powell. Lisa is an actress and starred in the fab King And I last year at The Theatre Royal. We have kept in contact since we bumped into each other at The People's Theatre.
This is her first foray into doing reviews!


Katherine Howard 
11th April 2011

Written by William Nicholson

The play is set between 6th January 1540, the wedding night of Henry VIII and his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, and 13th February 1542, the day of the execution of his fifth wife, Katherine Howard.
The stage was set with an authentic bed, to which the royal servants came on and opened the curtains to King Henry’s new wife. The facial expression said it all!
A great and unexpected way to start a play about King Henry, was with laugher.
Throughout the show there was laughter, tears and a lot of emotion. Even when sometimes the Northern accent came through, the cast were passionate about every part they played.
As sometimes with an opening night, a few lines were missed but as a great cast they had no problem in carrying on.
The costumes were full of colour and the lighting gave the full effect of day and night.
Eddie Collins, as Henry, brought the King back to life as Jane Robson showed the love that Katherine really had to find in the end to be happy in life.
A special mention has to go to Marian Walker, who played the Queens lady in waiting, not only did she capture the essence of the passion she had in her job but the real Lady Jane Rochford showed herself in the end.
Period music was drifted into the theatre which gave the night an authentic feel.
Directed by  John Woods, who has woven together a great local cast.
Well done to the whole cast and crew of the Progressive Players, I would recommend this highly.

Playing until Saturday 16thApril at 7.15

Lisa Powell

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