Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laura - Review- Cleadon Village Drama Club.

March 23 2011

Set in New York, post war. Laura, a successful business woman has been murdered in her apartment , on the case is Mark McPhearson as is Laura's fiancé fellow policeman Shelby Carpenter, what will they stumble upon, what will they undercover from Laura's colourful and notorious past life.

Laura, which is a one set stage of an American Down town apartment is a classic bustling who-dunnit. Eight actors take up the challenge set by Cleadon Village Drama Club in it's very quaint setting.
Scenery wise, an impressive set (yet again created by Dolores Porretta Brown -she get's about a bit) of 1940's décor, with a great soundtrack of Benny Goodman complimenting the aura, I could quite happily sit on the settee, listening and drift away!
Lighting and sound by David Dunbar was good, with some great thunder and lightning effects coming through.
Bill Dodds the director and Lorna Weathers producing have assembled a good experienced cast for this play. The trio of John Errington (as Mark),Mark Lamb (as Shelby) and Peter Lawson (as Danny) have had good reviews off me before, all appearing in The Lion in The Winter at The Westovians. They kept up the good work that they had previously shown, with faultless performances. New to me but well versed actors Stephen White (as Waldo), Pat Thompson (as Bessie), Sonia McDonnell (as Mrs. Dorgan), Carole Machin (as the Girl) and Neil Weathers (as Olsen (he also constructed the set alongside Bob Lawson and John Ward)) all acted brilliantly to make this a very enjoyable play. This was as straight as a drama as you could imagine, but some in the audience laughed and giggled at one or two parts in the play, which didn't spoil it, but in the confines of this small theatre (it is only a 72 seater) added a strange element to the night. Gladly the misadventures of the few didn't put the cast off, who warmly appreciated the applause at the finale.
This was my first visit to CVDC and thoroughly enjoyed the play, the great acting and the warm welcome from this friendly Society. I really look forward to much more of the same.

Laura is performing until March 26 at 7.30pm

Michael Hunter

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