Monday, November 15, 2010

Footloose, Customs House

Customs House
South Shields Musical Productions (Youth Section)
9 November 2010 (Preview)

We see kids trying to overthrow authority on a regular basis in the North East, but for nothing like what Ren McCormack is willing to endure.
Brought up in Chicago by his mother Ethel after his father shoots through, Ren is a lively lad who likes to dance, sing and show the girls of the town a thing or two.
When the two of them relocate to a small town in the West, fitting in is hard for the lad-nobody wants the big city boy in their ranks – until his rebellion turns heads and hearts.
When four local teenagers are killed in an accident returning from a dance, the local Minister and father of one of the dead, steps into action and bans singing and dancing in public. Ren, wanting to have fun and wow his new classmates into accepting him, sets up a scheme to claw back the youthful exuberance of his clan and harmonising all of the town folk.

Footloose, with a soundtrack of dazzling songs such as brilliant ‘Holding out for Hero’ and the massive hit ‘Footloose’ is superbly acted by the Youth section in this well directed and produced stage play.
The singing range of all of the cast is a treat on the ears, with Brooke Havanna Bailey, as Ren’s prospective girlfriend Ariel, Jamie Douglass, as Ren and the superb Annie Guy as Rusty, being the stars of the show.
Footloose will captivate and maybe bring out the neon leg warmers in you.

Michael Hunter

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