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Take Away The Lady -Review- Little Theatre, Gateshead

Take Away The Lady
Little Theatre, Gateshead
3rd October 2010

Fancy being locked away for a crime you didn’t commit. It doesn’t bear thinking about does it.
You would want answers and apologies .Fifteen years are a long time to ponder who really had done it.
Matthew has done his porridge and now it is time to get some comeuppance.
Ever since his mother fell to an untimely death, he had always protested his innocence-but his family, including his wife- have pointed the blame solely on him.
Matthew is back and he is headed to the family home for the answers to all of his questions.
All of the original people on that fateful night are waiting for him, most-not at all happy that he is back.
Who did kill his mother -and why? Will the secrets of a close guarded family come out into the open? Is an apparent suicide key to the outcome of this story?
Only the amateur detective work of the outsiders in this household can solve this riddle.

Take Away The Lady written by actor and playwright Jimmie Chin, is a gentle suspense play, which brings out the best or the worst in a family situation, sticking by your guns with your gut reactions is not always the way it should be.
Performed as ever by the Progressive Players, this play set during the mid 1980’s, shows that local amateur theatre is alive and kicking. Although some nerves on stage did come into play, this was a well rounded performance that I really enjoyed. It really did keep me on the edge of my seat until the very end.
Standout performances on the night were from Sylvia Collins -who as a last minute stand in, played Matthew’s wife Lavinia with cold bitterness that could be recognised in any family. Cathy Williams as Emma -the frequently ‘misunderstood and fragile’ member of the clan and Amsel Lazarus as Richard-the man looking in from the outside- both performed with great ease, their calm detective skills will no doubt have Sherlock quaking in his boots.
Stage design of a simple front room in the era of the play was constructed well. The lighting and the sound also followed suit.
Director Janet wind has assembled a fine cast of actors to bring some serious play back to the Little Theatre. This play is guaranteed to give you a couple of hour’s worth of great entertainment, go and see it, you never know the detective in you might come out!

Take Away The Lady is on between October 4th – 9th performances start at 7.15pm

Michael Hunter
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